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  • 554.900 kr
  • 2022Årgang

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 Sport - 115 HK YamahaUdstyr


MERRY FISHER SPORTHead for adventure, aboard a Merry Fisher Sport! Truly SUVs of the seas, this series of safe and versatile outboard powerboats is designed for you to pursue all your passions on the water. Fishing, excursions, diving, kayaking, kitesurfing… they adapt to suit all preferences, but they also offer comfort and an easier pace of life, for well-deserved rest and relaxation. Ready for Action Boasting an adventurous profile, with an inverted windscreen, the Merry Fisher Sport is entirely turned toward action and adventure. The aft cockpit, equipped with removable bench seating and tables, transforms in just a few moments into a vast, open exterior space. Versatile, practical, and safe, they feature copious storage, roof racks, as well as handrails and deeply recessed sidedecks to facilitate movement on board. The open wheelhouse, flush with exterior living areas, houses the helm, as well as the access to a very comfortable interior.

WATER SPORTS AND MARINE ACTIVITIES Aboard the Merry Fisher Sport, everything has been designed to facilitate marine activities. Perfectly adapted to sport fishing, it also enables you to bring equipment, such as kayaks and paddles, as well as diving tanks. With their versatile hulls and high-performance engines, these outboard boats can slice through the waves to take you without delay to your favourite marine playgrounds.

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Mærke & model Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 Sport - 115 HK Yamaha/Udstyr
Årgang 2022
Hk 150
Brændstof Benzin

Sælger information

Bluebay Marine

Kejlstrupvej 241

8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. 86822222

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